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I discovered that most Allstate commercials tend to be very amusing and engaging. Every single time I see allstate commercials all i can do is laugh, specifically the mayhem ones. Allstate has very several very serious commercials mostly the ones with Dennis in them. Allstate commercials encourages safe driving in a very amusing way. That’s why they are my favorite car insurance commercials. They also have some very enjoyable ones too but still serious. In this article I have some of my favorite allstate commercials listed underneath as well as the reasons why they are my favorite.

Quite Entertaining allstate commercials
In this allstate commercial the guy is pretending to be pregnant and in labor. Very comical! Take a look!

Allstate Commercials: Super Bowl 2013
I’m quite positive you have seen this commercial before. This is one of my favorite allstate commercials. Its very imaginative. It goes through all the major events in history. Check it Out!

Allstate Commercials: Dean Winters performs as teenage girl
I really like this one. This one is pretty amusing as well. Dean Winters plays a teenage girl driving a pink pickup truck this one is pretty funny

So there you have it. These are some of my preferred allstate commercials. They are entertaining yet serious.
Allstate Commercials

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