About iOffer Scam

ioffer scam is a organization like ebay and craigslist. iOffer allows their customers to buy and sell just about everything you can possibly think of. iOffer was founded in 2002. This company is based out of San Francisco, California.

iOffer Scam alert

There has been many claims about this ioffer scam all over the internet. Countless people are claiming that ioffer has scammed them. You can lookup the term ioffer scam and discover webpages and pages of complaints. This business tends to attract a bunch of scam artists. The big problem this ioffer scam is not particularly with the company itself but with the sellers. For example, countless people claim that this organization has a lot of fraudulent sellers that send the wrong items to customers. This company does not take the necessary precautions to protect their customers like their rival ebay does. They do provide tips to possibly avoid scammers but they don’t do anything to protect their customers.

Should you purchase from iOffer?

In my opinion, you ought to not buy from ioffer because they clearly do not take the necessary precautions to make sure their buyers are protected as a result that are numerous issues about this company all over the net.

As compared to e-bay, which strongly deters unethical methods merely by deleting accounts as well as giving refunds, iOffer tends to have a fairly unreasoning eye to this sort of activity, that definitely draws much more deceptive people. All and all this organization seems to not be doing anything to fix this problem.

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