“Spike Lee make joints. I make fat blunts” -Akeem the filmmaking Dream

This film is made by award winning filmmaker Akeem The Dream. It’s entitled Crack monster. It is a properly produced Crack-U-Mentary created with creativity and humor. Akeem has spent over a year documenting some outrageous,funny and shocking images of certain neighborhoods in Louisiana.

Crack would be the initial of it really is type, reality based film, to be created in Louisiana about drug use. This film options true,each day, individuals addicted to Crack Cocaine along with other lethal substances.

Practical experience the lives of those CRACK addicted people today from afar; laugh and cry with them as they inform their stories, also, comprehend what it feels like to adore a drug more than you adore yourself.

Once you watch CRACKMONSTERS, you’ll find Pimps, prostitutes, and some unexpected folks on CRACK. Also, It really is amazing to find out how talented a few of these CRACKMONSTERS are from singing, dancing, rapping, stripping, boogering to telling several of the craziest and bizarre stories ever to be documented.

You may not just Crack Up laughing watching Crackmonsters, but you could discover a point or two in the procedure. Listen to unique guest Jabari Tehuti and some esteemed Counselors as they discover the causes and effects from the CRACK epidemic as well as the best strategies to have off of Crack Cocaine.

100% real. Place this DVD in you player or get the immediate digital download these days. Guaranteed to make you laugh. Go to the Crack monster residence at www.WELOVECRACK.com and practical experience it for your self.

Warning this DVD might include powerful language at instances,drug use at times and a few mild nudity at other instances, but not greater than what’s contained inside your favored action film of nowadays.

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